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Community Program
Woman and your body

Was designed as a permanent program for women in rural communities and marginalized urban neighborhoods.  Our main objective is to inform and raise women’s consciousness regarding sexual and reproductive health and rights through workshops and participatory presentations. We want to incorporate women in an active way, creating spaces where they can talk, choose and propose important actions regarding their sexual and reproductive health.
We work in over 40 communities in the area around Lake Patzcuaro and five more in the Meseta Purépecha and have conducted a pilot program in 2012 in 10 communities along the Chiapas and Guatemala border. More than 30,000 indigenous and mestizo women have participated in our community presentations on topics such as: “Know and care for your body”, “Humanized birth”, “Vaginal Infections”, “Professional Midwifery” and “Human Papiloma Virus”.
Mujeres Aliadas AC Erongarícuaro, Michoacán, México.
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