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Holds a PhD in Public Policies with an investigation on the public repercussions of menstruation for women in Michoacan. She has a 30-year professional career in the private sector, in public administration and in civil society. She was a Board member at Mujeres Aliadas for 10 years, before becoming the Executive Director.
Lisel Lifshitz
Executive Director
Psychologist working on her Masters in Educational Psychology with Psychoanalytic approach. Anayuli is from Nurio, Michoacan, a Purhepecha Community and is bilingual. Her training has been in community intervention with young people and women in rural and indigenous settings, carrying out prevention strategies on issues such as gender violence and activities related to the revitalization of Purhepecha language.
Anayuli Torres
Community Program Director
Born and raised in Mexico City. Graduated as an Obstetric Nurse from UNAM, specialized in perinatal nursing, breastfeeding and as a birth preparation educator. Yuri has experience working under the Professional Midwife model, always promoting respected birth with an intercultural approach. She is a promoter of sexual and reproductive rights of women, with emphasis in respecting the sacredness around birth.
Yuridia Monjaraz
Professional Midwife
Health Program Director
Midwife from Mexico City. Has a Bachelor’s Degree from UNAM on Nursing and Obstetrics, with a minor on Perinatal Nursing. Instructor of Prenatal Kundalini Yoga, and known by her spiritual name Chanan Bani.
She accompanies women in their journey through pregnancy, promotes respected, divine and conscious births, by becoming a channel to receive babies, recognizing woman's ability to give birth and helping them find pleasure in that first encounter with their babies.
Aureni Torres
Professional Midwifery
School Director
I studied Community Management and Local Government at the Intercultural Indigenous University of Michoacán. Since I joined Mujeres Aliadas, I understood that we have a long way to go in terms of human rights; the countless times they are not respected; the endless wave of violence against women, against the LGBTI community, towards the indigenous people, and towards anyone that goes against what seems like immutable and intolerable social norms towards what is different.
Ana Briseida Magaña
Adolescent program Director
and administrator
Veronica has been part of Mujeres Aliadas from the very beginning, coordinating community presentations and conducting surveys as part of the health system diagnosis of the region. She is native of a marginalized neighborhood of Patzcuaro. She currently organizes and leads health workshops for women, working as assistant director for the Community Program.
Verónica Pureco
Community Program Coordinator
She is a born community leader and native to the indigenous community of Puacuaro Michoacan. Her mother language is Purepecha and she speaks Spanish fluently. She has worked for over ten years as an activist inside the communities of the region. She has worked in the indigenous communities of the region as a community promoter and through the organizing and programing of sexual health and reproductive presentations.
Margarita Ascencio
Community Program Coordinator
Graduated in Accounting from the UMSNH, has worked professionally in private Administration, in joint projects with the Federal and State Governments, managing subsidies for primary agricultures in Michoacan’s countryside. She’s also worked as an Accounting and Tax Advisor for Individuals and Corporations.
She loves Mujeres Aliadas’ Project and admires the work and dedication of each of its members. She is very proud of being part of the team.
Elizabeth Medina
School control
Danit is originally from the community of Santa Ana Chapitiro. She studied nursing and worked for several years at her local clinic with women, which aroused her interest in learning more about women's health and led her to learn from the traditional midwife in her community. In 2014, she began working with adolescents in her community, offering health and sexuality programs.
Danit Barajas
Professional Midwife
She became a Professional Midwife at the Escuela de Parteras Profesionales de CASA (Professional Midwife School of CASA) in San Miguel Allende. She is native to the municipality of Las Margaritas, Chiapas. She is bilingual, a speaker of the indigenous language Chu'j. Specialist in the care of women of reproductive age, in prenatal care, birth and postpartum care. She also provides birth preparation classes to women and families.
Elena Pascual
Professional Midwife

Liliana is from Erongaricuaro and holds a degree in Pedagogy and worked as a teacher. She’s also worked as a trainer for Sagarpa and as a craftswoman. Besides her administrative assistant responsibilities, she is a great promoter and driving force for professional midwifery in the region.
Liliana Campos
Daughter of indigenous parents from the community of Huecorio. She studied the career of General Nursing in 1990 and has work experience of 22 years. She is part of our first generation of the School of Professional Midwifery, in addition to being a collaborator at Mujeres Aliadas since 2021. She is currently in charge of our social media.
Anabel Rosas
Social Network manager
Co-Funder of Mujeres Aliadas, Board Member since 2010. Richard has a Masters Degree in Public Health, with over 30 years experience at the local, state, national and international levels. He´s been Director of Strategic Planning for Health Services in Cook County, Illinois; Chief, Health Research and Surveillance, Illinois Department of Public Health; and has worked as a successful independent contractor for 15 years in epidemiology, health care analytics, and systems analysis.
Richard Ferguson
Financial Director
Mujeres Aliadas AC Erongarícuaro, Michoacán, México.
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