M u j e r e s    A l i a d a s


Analysis of the Health Care System of the Lake Pátzcuaro Basin—May, 2010
by Richard Ferguson, with the collaboration of Mujeres Aliadas, AC.

Models of Empowerment
by Katrina Saulrieta, student intern, June-August, 2009

The Use and Overuse of Cesarean Sections in México
by Leslie Farland, student intern, June-August, 2009

Models of Skilled Birth Attendance
by Samia Farooqi, student intern, June-August, 2009


Birth of a New Consciousness

Directors: Richard Ferguson and Ondine Rosenthal
48 minutes, in Spanish, with English subtitles

This is a documentary film about medical mistreatment and disempowerment of women living in the area around Lake Pátzcuaro and the steps Mujeres Aliadas and the women in the communities are taking to change this situation.


We are affiliated with various universities and offer student internships related to women’s physical, social and mental health issues. We are working with students who specialize in public health, midwifery, medicine, psychology, international development and film and through our collaboration we seek to better understand how we can best strengthen the overall health and well being of women in the Pátzcuaro area.

Meghan Byrne (Univ. of Pittsburgh) conducting an interview with a Purepecha woman. Leslie Farland (Univ. of Chicago), Katrina Saulrieta (Northwestern Univ.), Jessie Wetherbe (Univ. of Illinois), and Joanne Kim (Northwestern Univ.). Joanne Kim and Katrina Saulrieta, second year medical students, gained experience taking patient histories and shadowing doctors and professional midwives. Ondine Rosenthal (Universidad Vasco de Quiroga, Morelia, Michoacán) filming a woman talking about her birth experience.
Tamara Sonabend (Adler School of Psychology) facilitating a women's empowerment workshop with 24 area women. Mikaela McQuade (Univ. of Ottawa) and Katie Horowitz
(Univ. of Pittsburgh) exploring
the ruins at Tzintzuntzan.
Katie, Lupita and Ondine (4th, 3rd, and 2nd from right) with the teens in the adolescent program.