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About us

We are a Mexican non-profit organization working to promote sexual and reproductive rights and provide sexual and reproductive healthcare to women and adolescents, based on the model of Professional Midwifery with a holistic approach, considering women as key agents in their decision-making process.

Through community education, dignified and qualified healthcare, and formal training based on the model of Professional Midwifery, we promote respect for sexual and reproductive health and rights for women and adolescents by strengthening their autonomous decision-making process and self-care in relation to their bodies, sexuality and reproduction.

We have become a leading state organization in establishing midwifery as an autonomous profession and in promoting sexual and reproductive health and rights, empowering women and adolescents to make free, conscious and informed decisions about their healthcare and sexuality, and working toward the construction of a more equal society, where women’s rights are fully recognized.
        • Reduce the barriers faced by different population groups, mainly indigenous and adolescent women, in order to have access to information, preventive health strategies and health care.
        • Provide accessible, safe, dignified, and culturally sensitive sexual and reproductive healthcare, based on the model of Professional Midwifery.
        • Offer education and training in health and rights as key tools for empowerment and social change, addressing women, adolescents and other key social actors.
        • Train professional midwifes so they can practice their skills autonomously, in community and institutional settings, holding dialogues and collaborating with other healthcare providers.
        • Achieve the recognition and acceptance of professional midwifery as a pertinent and feasible model for women’s sexual and reproductive healthcare.
        • Enhance the impact of the organization’s programs and strategies through working with research networks and governmental, academic, and civil society organizations, as well as international agencies.
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        About us
        Mujeres Aliadas AC Erongarícuaro, Michoacán, México.
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